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We treat Ficus Whitefly in Boca Raton / Delray Beach / Lighthouse Point / Pompano Beach / Highland Beach / Town of Hillsborough / Town of Gulfstream / Boynton Beach
Ficus Whitefly is a serious problem for homeowners in 2016 with Ficus hedges or Ficus trees as part of their landscape. This potentially lethal threat to ficus can quickly devistate the foliage making the ficus drop all or most of it's leaves very quickly sometimes before you even know that there is a Whitefly problem. Boca Delray Pest Control can treat your Ficus hedges or trees protecting them from a deadly Ficus Whitefly infestation. We can treat your Ficus trees and shrubs both topically and systemically for double the added protection giving them 6 months protection!
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