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If you are wondering are they ants or termites? let us the local professionals determine just exactly what pest you are dealing with and the quickest and most cost effective way to get rid of them. Ants for instance can be very hard for homeowners to get rid of on their own because first you must know how to correctly identify them because there are so many different species in south Florida these days coming from all over the world. Each one diverse in their food preferences, nesting habitats and behavior. The control treatments also very greatly so you really must know the correct procedures and chemicals to use against them to get proper control as quickly as possible. You need us Boca Delray Pest Control we have local knowledge and are well educated in ant biology and identification so your specific ant infestation problem can be dealt with correctly the first time. For instance did you know; White Footed ants are black / Big Headed ants don't all have big heads just the soldiers. Some ants eat sugar based foods some eat protein based foods if you are using the wrong bait it won't work to get rid of them. Some ants live above ground (terrestrial) and some underground (subterranean) do you know where to treat for them? Just give us a call and we will get rid of whatever ant problems you have, it's that easy call 561-862-7326.



Mosquitos / Zika Virus 

Mosquito treatment is available to help reduce the over abundance of disease carrying mosquitoes that are living right in your own yard which could pose serious health risks to you, your family and pets. Mosquitos living right outside your home can be carrying the Zika virus which if you are bitten can cause serious symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain, rash, red eyes and pain in your joints. If you are pregnant and get the Zika Virus your baby is now susseptable to the birth defect Microcephaly which causes small heads and brain damage. Other Mosquito related diseases include West Nile Virus, Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya. The number of mosquitoes around our homes can be great so we need to do all we can to help minimize them from reproducing and becomming an even greater threat, by spraying the yard outside our homes with the proper insecticides labeled for mosquito control and continuing to do this as per label instructions. You should also try to mosquito proof your home as much as possible, keep windows shut, or make sure screens are always in tact. Inspect the entire yard and treat ponds with approved larvacides as per label instructions and empty all standing water found in any items that can hold water. If you must go outside wear Mosquito repellant. Call us today to schedule your yard to be sprayed for Mosquitos 561-862-7326




Roaches or "Palmetto Bugs" as they are called in Boca Raton are a year round problem in Florida homes and businesses. Roaches are very undesirable for families to have living alongside them in their homes because they present many serious health hazards to humans such as when roaches infest kitchen drawers and deficate on the utensils and dishes we use every day, contaminating open food with their feces or in the bathroom crawling right out of the sewer and onto our tooth brushes. Because of this roaches carry many different diseases including salmonellastreptococcusE. colidysenteryhepatitus BBubonic plaguecholera and can cause acute respiratory disease in young children. Roaches are very hearty and they reproduce quickly. Each egg sack carries 20-30 unhatched roaches in it of the next generation so several roaches reproducing with each other & laying eggs over a short period of time can quickly turn into, well you do the math. Roaches can be very difficult to get rid of and usually take multiple treatments to get under control. Homeowners are usually unsuccessful in gaining control over an out of control roach infestation and must call on us at Boca Delray Pest Control. We can usually find the source of the infestation and treat the areas in need with residual products that will last longer than many over the counter products available to the general public. We can also offer tips on how to avoid future infestations by following some guidelines you may not be aware of such as; do not store things in cardboard boxes (roaches love cardboard more than anything), do not store plywood stacked together, do not leave pet food out at night... Roaches are our specialty so give us a call and we will give you peace of mind by getting rid of your roach problems. 561-862-7326.



Are you wondering if the noises you are hearing in your attic or walls are rats or mice? Would you sleep better knowing that there were no rats living in the ceiling right above your bed at night? Rats infesting your home can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage before you are even aware that you have a rodent problem. Black roof rats love to chew on the electrical wires of your phone, security system and cable TV. They can rip open the air conditioning ductwork in the attic and can make nests there contaminating the very air you and your family are breathing with their urine and feces not to mention making your a/c unit work harder cooling the attic through the holes they make in the ductwork and wasting your money on the resulting increased electric bill. Rats can also chew holes in the pvc plumbing pipes in the walls and attic of your home that go down to the sewer or up to the roof and come and go as they please quickly bringing more and more rats as they learn the way into your home following each other undetected by you as to whats going on behind the scenes. Rats deficate and urinate uncontrollably in the attic on and under the insulation quickly contaminating it to the point of the insulation or ceiling drywall needing sanitizing and or replacement which is another unfortunate added cost to the already mounting bill these pests are adding up for you. Some of the dangerous diseases rats living in your home can carry that are dangerous to humans include: Hantavirus, Salmonella, Murine TyphusRat bite feverEosinophilic Meningitis and Leptospirosis to name a few. Boca Delray Pest Control can help put an end to rats living, breeding and destroying your home and leaving behind diseases. We can quickly come out to assess the situation and offer a comprehensive plan of action to trap the rodents, seal the entry ways and let you know if any damage is apparent and in need of repair so don't let it go any longer give us a call 561-862-7326 and we will help put an end to your rat infestation!


Fleas & Ticks


Flea and tick treatments in Boca Raton are done by Boca Delray Pest Control quite often for pet owners and non-pet owners who are overwhelmed and frustrated by the current flea or tick infestations in their homes and yards. Fleas are hard to control because each female flea can produce 24 eggs per day resulting in thousands of biting fleas per infestation within a very short time, they also can remain in their chemically resistant pupal stage cocoons for up to 12 months waiting for a host. Fleas are dangerous to pets because they can transmit tapeworms to untreated pets. Ticks are dangerous to pets because they are known to transmit Lyme DiseaseRocky Mountain spotted feverrelapsing fever and tick paralysis. We first recommend that the pet(s) be professionally de-flea or de-ticked at your local vet and treated with a product recommended by the vet for fleas or ticks such as the products available at 1-800-Pet Meds. We then suggest that you prepare your home and yard for treatment by trimming the lawn and shrubs and picking up anything out in the yard that you don't want treated like pet toys, children's toys, grilling accessories... In the home you should prepare for flea and tick treatments by cleaning, vacuuming, washing pet bedding and removing clutter especially around baseboards and in pet areas, you should prepare to keep the pet(s) and yourself out of the home and yard while the treatment is being applied and at least an hour or more after for the treatment to dry. This should all be repeated in approximately 21 days to kill the emerging fleas or ticks and break their reproductive cycle. Sound like a lot? Sure is and if not done properly the flea or tick infestation will not be controlled and all these steps will have to be repeated again twice 21 days apart to break the reproductive cycle. It is very important to follow these instructions to the letter if you wish to get control over the infestation the first time. So call us at Boca Delray Pest Control now to schedule your flea or tick treatment at 561-862-7326.




Bedbugs? Are you or your children itching and scratching in bed at night while you are trying to sleep and waking up with mysterious bites on your body? Are you noticing unexplained small brown stains on your pillow or sheets? Do you think you might have Bed Bugs? Bed Bug calls are coming in all over Boca Raton lately as it seems to be reaching epidemic proportions all over but there is hope. Boca Delray Pest Control will quickly come out and inspect the problem and treat it so you can get back to a good night's rest. To prepare for a Bed Bug treatment from Boca Delray Pest Control you should first vacuum the areas to be treated thoroughly paying special attention to carpet edges and baseboards, behind the headboard and nightstands and behind pictures hanging on the walls near the bed. The beds should be completely striped of all sheets & covers and washed in hot water and dried in a clothes drier with the temperature set on hot until dry. Clutter should be removed out of the way so that as much of the room can be treated as possible, but be carefull not to inadvertently spread the bedbugs around in doing so. Items that may be infested with Bed Bugs can be placed in a large black heavy duty plastic garbage bag tied up tightly and set outside in the hot sun for several hours the heat alone should kill any Bed Bugs inside, there are also pest strips available to place inside the bags to help fumigate them. You and any pets should plan on being out of the home for the time it takes to treat the interior and at least an hour or more after, giving treatment time to dry before coming back inside. The mattresses and box springs should then be covered with a Bed Bug fitted sheet available through us from Active Guard, they are treated with a product that can kill bedbugs for up to two years.  A follow up treatment should be performed approximately 21 days from the initial treatment to break the Bed Bug's reproductive cycle. If not done properly the Bed Bug infestation will not be controlled and all these steps will have to be repeated again twice 21 days apart to break the Bed Bug's reproductive cycle. It is very important to follow these instructions to the letter if you wish to get control over the infestation the first time. So call us at Boca Delray Pest Control now to schedule your Bed Bug treatment at 561-862-7326.





 Termite problems in Boca Raton homes are often handled using several different methods depending on what kind of termite you have. First start with a thorough WDO (wood destroying organism) inspection of the home inside and out to determine if you have drywood or subterranean termites (or both). Next we proceed to inform the homeowner of the findings and go over all available treatment options and their benefits.
 Boca Delray Pest Control also performs subterranean termite soil pre-treatments (for new construction and renovation of existing construction) as required by the FBC. Upon completion of treatment we issue you a "Certificate of Treatment" required by the building code for the city building inspector to qualify you to pass inspection so you may continue construction.
 We also perform termite inspections for real estate transactions using the Florida Department of Aggriculture and Consumer Services FL DACS 13645 Form, Florida Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspection Report published by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services which is what your mortgage company will require you to send to the underwriter in order to properly submit your mortgage application.
 Please give us notice as to when you would like to schedule your inspection or treatment by calling Boca Delray Pest Control at 561-862-7326